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Qingdao Head Office:

Add:Rm.Room 1604, Block C, Bingwanke Square, No. 2 Heilongjiang South Road, Shibei District,Qingdao City, Shandong province

Tel: 0086-532-85760908
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Rm.1-1861.No.88.West Huizhan Rd.High-tech Zone,Jinan City China

Tel: 0086-531-89653538

Linyi Branch:

Wuhan Road Xiang Zhangyuan 24-105, Lanshan District, Linyi City, Shandong province

Liangshan Branch:

No. 88, Jiyang Road, 321 Provincial Road, Liangshan County, Shandong Province

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Shandong Shengqixian Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. is a first-class international freight forwarding company approved by the Ministry of Commerce, and a member of Qingdao Logistics Association, Tianjin Logistics Association, China Federation of Logistics, and World Logistics Alliance Association.
The main business of Sheng Qixian Logistics is to provide professional logistics and transportation services for international import and export enterprises, forming a core of containers, special containers, ro-ro ships, general cargo ships and covering air transportation, land transportation, border delivery, customs declaration, inspection declaration, project logistics , logistics consulting, logistics program design and other comprehensive, one-stop comprehensive logistics chain supply system.
 It is the mission of Malvern people to provide you with the most perfect logistics solution. After more than 10 years of focused development, Sheng Qixian Logistics has gradually highlighted its core competitiveness in the transportation agency of vehicle products.
For the import and export transportation of vehicle products, regardless of whether the wheel is a complete vehicle or KD parts, sea transportation or border delivery, our company can provide from the design of the transportation plan to the delivery of the vehicle, inspection, waxing, packing, One-stop services such as measuring, customs declaration, shipment reinforcement, destination port transshipment, follow-up tracking, etc.
Now it provides "safe, high-quality and timely" comprehensive logistics transportation services for many large enterprises such as Sinotruk, BAIC Group, Jianghuai Group, Shaanxi Automobile Group, Yutong Bus, and Zhongtong Bus. More than 1.3 million billable tons, the container has exceeded 50,000 TEUs.
Chuangsheng Qixian world brand, to create an international logistics provider. Constantly surpassing ourselves and achieving the continuous trust of the society in Sheng Qixian Logistics is the goal that our team pursues unremittingly. Shandong Shengqixian Company will provide logistics assistance for customers to establish competitive international trade with a complete international logistics service network, pragmatic service concept, and a professional international operation team.