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Exports hit a 28-year high! China is its larger import market

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On September 17-26, the Bohai Strait, the northern part of the Yellow Sea, the South China Sea, the Beibu Gulf and other waters were banned due to military exercises and live ammunition. It may have a certain impact on some ports, such as late opening and late berthing of ships, delays in shipping schedules, etc., and cargo owners and freight forwarders are prepared as expected.

   1. Military missions in the northern part of the Yellow Sea in the Bohai Strait-Liao Aviation Police 175/21

  According to Dalian Maritime Safety Administration: The Bohai Strait north of the Yellow Sea, from 1600 on September 12 to 1600 on September 26, at

  1. 38°51′41″N 121°38′12″E

  2. 38°34′12″N 121°38′12″E

  3. 38°33′55″N 121°07′51″E

  4. 38°48′13″N 121°14′03″E

   Perform military missions within the range of the dots. No entry.

   2. "Live Ammunition in the Middle of the Yellow Sea"--Yunhangjing 2021 (0068)

  According to Lianyungang Maritime Safety Administration: Cloud Aviation Police 0068/21, the central part of the Yellow Sea, from September 17 to 18, from 0800 to 1700 every day,


  2, 35-1.300N/119-54.533E

  3, 35-4.067N/119-51.400E

  4, 35-3.917N/119-50.500E

   Live ammunition is fired within the range of the points. No entry.

  3. Military training in the southeastern waters of Sanya--【Qiong Hang Police 0077】

  According to the Sanya Maritime Safety Administration, Qiong Aviation Police 0077, Nanhai, from 0000 on September 18, 2021 to 2400 on September 23, will be at:

  1、17-56.00N 110-52.00E

  2, 17-56.00N 111-07.00E

  3, 17-41.00N 111-07.00E

  4, 17-41.00N 110-52.00E

   Military training is carried out within the water area connecting the points, and driving is prohibited.

  4. Military training in the waters of Tieshan Port-Guibei Marine Police 0028

  According to the Beihai Maritime Safety Administration, Guibei Marine Police 0028, Beibu Gulf, from 0000 on September 17 to 2400 on September 18,


  2, 21-10.47N/109-40.18E

  3, 20-39.98N/109-28.33E

  4, 20-45.60N/109-11.78E

   Military training is conducted within the sea area along the line, and ships are prohibited from entering.

  Remind that recently ships have passed through the Shanghai area, which may cause some port ships to open and call late, and the ship schedule will be delayed!