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Dry goods | FCL (non-dangerous goods) seaborne export process(2)

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1. Arrangement

 1. OP brushes out the container cargo consignment note (arrangement list) according to the information provided by the shipper. There are nine copies of the arrangement list:

The first page: the owner keeps the bottom

The second copy: the bottom of the ship agent (stamped with the booking and freight forwarding business chapter, stamped with the code of the owner's shipping agency)

Third page: shipping notice

Fourth page: shipping notice

Fifth page: Application for carrying case (stamped with the chapter of booking and freight forwarding business)

Sheet 6: Packing list, a copy of the station receipt (After the container enters the terminal, it will be covered with the terminal entrance seal)

Attachment page of the sixth page: Application for payment of export cargo port charges (indicate the cost of on-site loading or towing, so as to collect payment from the owner and financial reconciliation)

Seventh copy: a copy of the station receipt, the first mate's copy

Section 8: Station receipt

The ninth page: the bottom of the freight forwarding (stamped with the booking and freight forwarding business chapter)

2. If the exported goods are food products, at the same time printing the loading list, print the sixth page of the loading list with the dock entry stamp, fill in the entry date, and fax it to the customs broker for exchange Customs clearance.

3. Booking confirmation

Take 2~9 copies of the scheduling list and confirm the booking and send it to the field service to each shipping agency for scheduling

After loading, the ship will collect the second copy, and stamp the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth copy of the loading document.

 ◆In addition

 A. After COSCO Shipping’s online booking, after verbally confirming the freight rate with the shipowner, log in the company’s user name and password on the COSCO Shipping website, enter the contents of the consignment, etc., and mark the booking personnel’s telephone, fax and "Pre-borrow 6, 7, 8 copies". After sending, the ship will be allocated after being reviewed, and the confirmed booking form can be printed directly after the ship is allocated, without scheduling.

B. SITC’s booking operations are even more different:

▲ For Japan line, the bill of lading number can be compiled according to the bill of lading number arrangement method provided by SITC SALES to our company, and the consignment note and 1~9 copies of the shipping list can be prepared in accordance with the ship name and voyage on the sailing schedule, without the need for SITC booking confirmation Can be arranged. However, it is necessary to send 1 FAX to SITC to show the booking. If the space is tight, SITC will notify you separately.

▲Other routes If the ship is not SITC, SITC will send a booking confirmation, and it should be arranged to the feeder ship owner. If it is a SITC ship, it will be loaded directly!


2. Pick up the empty container and load the goods, enter the border inspection


. Dragging

①The fifth copy of the arranging list (stamped with the booking and freight forwarding business chapter)

② Booking confirmation

①+② Obtained from shipping agency

③Packing list (freezer requires two packing lists/cabinet, indicating temperature and freezer label "12F) Haicang Wharf free packing list

④Towing cabinet handover form, indicate the time, place, contact person, and telephone number of the towing cabinet (if SHIPPER has special requirements, such as 20 racks, cabinet inspection is required for food, and fumigation for wood products, etc.). Let me know.)

⑤ Pick up the cabinet at the designated storage yard after receiving the equipment

According to ④, the cargo should be loaded at the place designated by the cargo owner. After the container arrives, the cargo owner will load the container by himself. After sealing the seal, the towing company will drag the container into the dock with ③+⑤

⑥Six copies of the attached page, leave the bottom as the port charges settlement page

** OP tracks the towing situation, obtains the container number and seal, and checks it with the ship owner and cargo owner, especially when a cargo owner ships several shipments at the same time, it must be checked correctly with the cargo owner. In addition, after the container arrives, you can also log on to the terminal’s portal to inquire about the shipowner, container type, seal, etc.

. Field equipment

①Notify the storage yard in advance to arrange the loading plan, confirm the loading time with the cargo owner, and fax a copy of the warehouse plan to the cargo owner (attach OP's telephone fax)

② Obtain the equipment handover list

③Before the cargo owner transports the goods to the yard, the yard should hoist the cabinet

④Fill in the installation plan, indicate the loading time, contact person, and telephone number (if SHIPPER has special requirements, such as 20 racks, cabinet inspection is required for food, and fumigation for wood products, etc., should also be included. inform.)

⑤If the loading on the site is complete, you should verify with the cargo owner whether the cargo is full and the container can be dragged into the dock.

⑥If the container can enter the site, obtain the container number and seal and check with the terminal.

. After the container enters the site, arrange for field service to the terminal to cover the entry stamp (cover the sixth page of the shipping list).

Three, border inspection

1. If the scheduled ships go straight to the United States, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan, they must fill out the border inspection form to the border checkpoint within two days before sailing, and send them to the terminal together with the released 6, 7, and 8 after release.

2. If it is inspected at the same time (similar to the customs), but if it is loaded on site, you can go to the storage yard to find a tally stamp, and then go to the border station to release.

 4. Special requirements for containers

 1. Check the cabinets (generally required only for food products), the co-inspector should be notified as soon as possible of the estimated time of hauling or field loading, and fax the loading list to arrange the cabinet inspection plan. Cabinet inspection takes about half a working day, and the co-inspector fills in (including the following valid content: inspection number, box number, specification, temperature, inspection evaluation, co-inspector’s signature, inspector’s signature, and the official seal of the freight forwarder) Submit an application to the Commodity Inspection Bureau and go to the designated container yard for self-inspection of the container to carry out the container load inspection. After passing the inspection, the Commodity Inspection Bureau will issue the People’s Republic of China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Container Inspection and Quarantine Qualification Form (referred to as the “Container Inspection Form”). For the purpose of container inspection and filing by the agency, the salesperson will return it to the owner. After the co-inspector completes the issuance of the container inspection form in the first number, he fills in the outbound container loading cargo registration form, reviews and seals it and sends it to the Commodity Inspection Bureau for verification and cancellation.

2. If the goods are wooden products shipped to Europe and other countries or the goods use wooden pallets or wooden packaging, they should be fumigated, which is the requirement of the destination port. Before fumigation, make sure that the owner's goods are ready, and towing the cabinet or loading on site in advance to prepare for fumigation.

The required fumigation materials are:

①Declaration of wooden packaging materials for goods exported to Europe (official seal)

② Power of Attorney for Inspection (Official Seal)

③A letter of guarantee (official seal) issued by the owner of the consignment for inspection declaration

④Goods invoice (official seal)

⑤Packing list of goods (official seal)

⑥If the outer packaging of the goods gets wet due to weather, it may cause the label to be unclear, and due to the tight delivery time, the label needs to be stamped and fumigated within the specified time, so a letter of guarantee is issued for fumigation.

* After the materials are delivered to the customs broker, the customs broker will make an appointment with the Commodity Inspection Bureau for fumigation. The fumigation time is 24 hours, and the fumigation certificate issued by the Commodity Inspection Bureau will be obtained after fumigation. Since the fumigation takes a long time, entry, declaration, and customs declaration can only be made after venting, so arrangements should be made in advance.