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Dry goods | FCL (non-dangerous goods) seaborne export process(3)

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V. Methods of handling emergencies

 1. Application for establishing customer code

If the shipper does not have a customer code at the shipping agency, fill in the application for creating a customer code, affix the official seal of SHOPPER on the scheduling sheet, and apply for adding the code at the shipping agency.

2. After the load is arranged, the owner changes the quantity of the container type

To change ship name, voyage, bill of lading number, container owner, container type, size, number of containers, etc., first go to the export discharge department to confirm the change and then go to the container management department to go through the corresponding modification procedures. To change the location of pick-up and return, go directly to the container management department.

3. Unload

⑴ All the goods after the arrangement will incur a booking fee of ¥50 to be paid.

⑵ After receiving the equipment handover form, if you did not pick up the container at the yard, you need to return the load for some reason and you need to bring the complete set of equipment handover form to the shipping agent to handle the return

⑶ The heavy container has not yet entered the dock after the cargo is withdrawn due to some reasons, and the arrival with the equipment handover note should be linked to the shipping agency to handle the return procedure, and the empty container should be returned to the designated storage yard in time. The returned empty container shall not be exported with another ticket or be retained without permission without permission (a package guarantee letter is required for changing to another ticket). Otherwise, the misuse of boxes, losses and related expenses caused by this will be borne by the responsible party.

4. When picking up the cabinet, there is no trailer towing the cabinet

⑴ Get in touch with the owner first, can you postpone the dragging time?

⑵ If time is urgent, temporarily arrange another towing company to tow the container and delay entering the site

5. When the trailer arrives at the yard to pick up the container, the yard does not have the required container

⑴ Contact the shipowner immediately and ask if there are still containers of the shipowner in other yards

⑵ Change the equipment transfer order to the shipping agency (normal working hours)

⑶ If the cabinet is dragged out of normal working hours:

①After the shipowner confirms the storage yard of the container, he will issue a confirmation of borrowing the container

②The loan agent should fill in the loan guarantee letter and affix the seal of the freight forwarder. (Display the volume of the cabinet type and the ship owner) If it is a freezer, the vent and temperature should also be described; if it is a cabinet inspection, then directly call the container that has passed the inspection.

6. After the container was picked up, the cargo owner requested to postpone a voyage because the cargo could not be prepared.

After the container has been picked up and the export time is postponed, the container should be reasonably arranged according to the shipping company's shipping schedule. If the container time exceeds the free container usage period provided by the shipping company, a container overdue usage fee will be levied in accordance with relevant regulations.

7. Due to the reason of the owner, it is too late to enter the market on time, and the application for delayed entry

Contact the shipowner in time and inform the estimated time of arrival. The shipowner shall apply to the customs-supervised terminal, and attach the application for delayed arrival to indicate the ship name, voyage number, bill of lading number, container number, unloading port, delivery place, etc. ( Stamped with freight forwarding seal)

 1. Declare (check data→declare)

At the same time as loading the goods, the customs declaration information should be called for in order to declare the customs in time. Always pay attention to the time of cut-in, cut-off orders, cut-off customs declaration, and cut-off and release.

The customs declaration information includes:

1. Necessary documents:

① Goods invoice (official seal)

②Cargo packing list (official seal)

③Declaration power of attorney (official seal) Bailian Customs retention   Huanglian retention by the entrusted party (customs broker) Red coupon retention by the entrusting party (consignor)

④Export receipt verification form stub + verification form + special export tax rebate

⑤Contract (only for general trade)

⑥Customs clearance form (commodity inspection)

2. Other documents (if any are required):

①Export license

②Tax exemption certificate

③Commodity inspection certificate

④Certificate of origin

⑤ The head of mouth wheat

⑥ Copy of Letter of Credit

*After the OP obtains the customs declaration data, it should first check it with the previous scheduling data to check if there are any changes. If there are changes, please fill in the changes before sailing and reprint a new scheduling form 2, 6, 7, 8, 9 copies and packing list for declaration.

**If booking through a second freight forwarder, it will be responsible for the loading. After loading, the freight forwarder will hand over the loading list 5, 6, 7, 8 and attach a blank change before sailing. (Freight Forwarder Chapter) and blank layout sheets 2, 9 copies (Freight Forwarder Chapter) for declaration.

Arrange ①, and the arrangement sheet 6, 7, 8, 9 after stamping the entry chapter

②Newly printed copies of 2, 6, 7, 8, 9 for customs declaration (print the counter number and seal)

③Change before sailing (freight forwarding seal)

④ The correct packing list (with cabinet number and seal)???? Submit the field service to the shipping agency for declaration

If there is no change in the scheduling information at the time of declaration, there is no need to refresh the 2, 6, 7, 8, 9 copies and change before the sailing.

At this time, the shipping representative will collect the second and ninth copies, and stamp the sixth and eighth copies with a special declaration seal.

 2. Inspection declaration It is to obtain the customs clearance form required by the Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau for the export of goods approved by the Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau when the export goods are declared under the requirements of customs supervision.

 1. If the exported goods are items that need to be inspected according to the national regulations, the owner of the goods needs to provide relevant documents related to the inspection and replacement order. The customs broker provides the shipper’s invoice, packing list, sales contract, as well as the counter inspection form, the inspection authorization letter and a copy of the shipping list that has been stamped with the entry seal, and entrusts the customs broker to handle the customs clearance procedures. At the time of customs declaration, the declaration form must be submitted to the customs together with the declaration materials.

2. Inspection

When encountering the inspection and inspection (technical inspection/random inspection) of the customs clearance order, you must go through the customs broker to the Commodity Inspection Bureau to make an appointment for inspection. The inspected goods do not need to enter the dock, as long as the goods are loaded, the inspector from the Commodity Inspection Bureau can be brought to the site for inspection. The inspection at this time is mainly for the packaging performance and production batch number of the goods. After the inspection is possible, the customs clearance documents can be exchanged.

3. If foreign cargo owners need to apply for inspection for export in Xiamen, the local inspection and quarantine bureau shall issue a renewal voucher for inspection in Xiamen.

3.customs declaration

 1. After the declaration, the 6, 7, and 8 copies and customs declaration materials shall be forwarded to the customs broker.

2. Based on the complete set of customs declaration materials forwarded by the OP, the customs broker first prints out the declaration form and pre-enters the declaration form. The declaration data is entered into the electronic computer, and after the customs receives it, the relevant declaration documents can be formally submitted to the customs.

 4. Stowage (shipping plan)

 After the goods are released, they should be sent to the dock for loading in a timely manner; the sub-step is generally operated by the customs broker, and the customs broker will send the sixth, seventh, and eighth pages with the "Customs Release Seal" to the dock loading room. After the terminal receives it, it will stamp the 8th page, return it to the customs office, and forward it to the freight forwarder for use when signing the bill of lading. The 6th and 7th pages are left. The seventh section is transferred from the dock to the chief mate of the export ship as the basis for loading and loading, while the sixth section is handed over to the freight forwarder to keep the bottom after the ship is sailed.